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Tong Wei, Ph.D. in Economics, Director of the World Economy Research Office of the Institute of Finance and Economics of the Central University of Finance and economics, Director of the Russian, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Research Center, Doctoral Supervisor.

Her research fields are: public finance theory and policy, budget performance management, and fiscal economy in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

She is a winner of the "new century excellent talents support program" of the Ministry of Education. Executive Director of China Budget Performance Management Expert Committee, Vice Chairman of China Russia Economic Special Committee. Researcher of the Development Research Center of the State Council, investment and financing expert of China Development Bank, performance evaluation expert of international financial organizations, core performance evaluation expert of the Ministry of finance, high-level performance management expert of Yunnan Province, budget supervision consultant of the People's Congress of Haidian District, Xicheng District, Chaoyang District and Mentougou District of Beijing.

She has written more than 20 monographs such as the Russian Financial Research Report (annual series report), China's Grassroots Financial Reform and System Construction, the Russian Government Budget System, the Study on Improving China's Local Tax System, the Russian Legal Framework and Budget system, and the Comparative Study of China's and Russia's Tax System Reform.

She has published dozens of papers in domestic and foreign core. Many papers have been reprinted by Xinhua Digest, Photocopied Newspapers and Periodicals of Renmin University of China, and China Economic Yearbook.

She has presided over more than 40 national, provincial, and international cooperative scientific research projects.