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HU Qian

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Qian Hu(呼倩)

Assistant Professor

Institute of Finance and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics

Address: Room 213, Library Building

39 Xueyuan South Road, Haidian District,Beijing 100081, China


Office Hour: Monday13:00-17:00(Email in Advance)


2015-2020 School of Economics, Peking University Ph.D. in Economics

2011-2015 School of Economics, Renmin University of China B.A. in Economics

Past Position

2020-2022 School of Economics, Peking University Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Interests

Labor Economics, Development Economics, Urban Economics

Particular Focus: Urbanization, Labor Migration, Demographic Transformation


  1. HU Qian, Xiaohua Xia and Guitian Huang (2021). “Wage Growth Effect of Migrants in China’s Industrial Development: Microscopic Evidence from China Migrant Dynamic Survey.”Management World,37 (10). (Chinese)

  2. HU Qian, Xiaoyan Lei, and Bo Zhao (2021).“Demographic Changes and Economic Growth: Impact and Mechanisms.”China Economic Journal,14 (3).

  3. HU Qian (2019).“Labor Supply Effect of China’s Population Aging: An Empirical Study on the Provincial Panel.”Journal of Guangdong University of Business Studies, 34 (4). (Chinese)

  4. HU Qian and Guitian Huang(2019).“China’s Labor Migration since the Reform and Opening Up: Trends, Causes and Impacts.”Shanghai Journal of Economics, (6). (Chinese)

  5. WANG Shuguang and Qian Hu(2018). “Research on the Target Setting and Path Choice of China’s Agricultural Reclamation System Reform.”Social Science Journal,(4). (Chinese)

Works in Progress

  1. HU Qian, Yinhe Liang and Xuezheng Qin: The Lasting Impact of Parental Migration on Children’s Income,China Economic Quarterly, under review. (Chinese)

  2. HU Qian and Guitian Huang: Have Migrant Workers Promoted Regional Economic Development: Research Based on the Perspective of Human Capital.(Chinese)

  3. YAN Qiangming, Qian Hu and Zhong Zhao:House Price, Inequality and Consumption of Public Servants Family: A Natural Experiment of Property Tax.(Chinese)

  4. Are Children with Migrant Parents really Left Behind? The Long-Run Impact of Parental Migration on Children’s Human Capital Accumulation.

  5. Upward Mobility Concerning Household Registration in China’s Rural-Urban Migration: A Regression Discontinuity Approach.

Research Projects

  1. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (Grant No.2021M690241):Economic Behavior and Welfare Effects of China’s Internal Migration on Rural Migrants’ Family Members Based on the Perspective of Multi-Dimensional Heterogeneity,Director, Finished.

  2. National Natural Science Foundation of China(International (Regional) Cooperation and Exchange Program) (Grant No.72061137004):Family Structure, Ageing Health and Care: Predictive Analysis and Implications, Participant.

  3. National Natural Science Foundation of China(General Program)(Grant No.71873006):The Gene-Environment Interactive Effects on Cognitive Function and Mental Health of the Elderly, Participant.

Teaching Experience

2021 School of Economics, Peking University Empirical Economic Research Methods Teaching Assistant

2016-2018 School of Economics, Peking University Political Economy (Part 1) Teaching Assistant

2017-2018 School of Economics, Peking University Industrial Organization Theory Teaching Assistant

2017 School of Economics, Peking University Political Economics (Part 2) Teaching Assistant