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ZHANG Yeqing

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Yeqing Zhang (张叶青)

Contact Information

Institute of Finance and Economics

Central University of Finance and Economics

Beijing, 100081, China

E-mail: yeqingzhang(at)

Academic Experience

2021/07–PresentAssistant Professor, Institute of Finance and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE)

Research Interests

Empirical Corporate Finance, Machine Learning and Big Data, Labor and Finance


QuantitativeInvestment,Advanced Macroeconomics,China’s andInternational Trade and Investment


2015–2021PhD in Finance, Tsinghua University,Schoolof Economics and Management

2018–2019Visiting Ph.D. student in Finance, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

2011–2015BA in Financial Engineering, Central University of Finance and Economics, School of Finance


  1. “Effects of Big Data on Firm Value in China: Evidence fromTextual Analysis of Chinese Listed Firms’Annual Reports” (with Yao Lu and Leyun Li), 2021,Economic Research Journal(经济研究), 56(12), 42–59.

  2. “Patent Growth and the Long-Run Performance of VC-backed IPOs” (with Xueyong Zhang), 2020,International Review of Economics & Finance, 69: 33–47.

  3. “Managerial Individual Characteristics and Corporate Performance: Evidence from a Machine Learning Approach” (with Yao Lu, Bo Li, and Haoyu Zhao), 2020,Journal of Management Sciences(管理科学学报), 23(2):120–140.

  4. “Shanghai–Hong Kong Stock Connection, Capital Flows and A–H Premium” (with Yao Lu, Xinzheng Shi, and Bohan Yang), 2018,China Journal of Economics(经济学报), 5(1), 1–26.

  5. “Mutual Fund Managers’ Timing Abilities” (withLi Liao and Xueyong Zhang), 2017,Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 44, 80–96.

  6. “Venture Capital Syndication and Corporate Innovation” (withYao Lu, RuiJia, and Jianhang Li), 2017,Journal of Financial Research(金融研究), 6, 159–175.

  7. “Venture Capital, Innovation Capability and Post-IPO Performance” (with Xueyong Zhang), 2016,Economic Research Journal(经济研究), 51(10), 112–125.

Research Project

  1. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation

  2. Special Foundation of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation

Working Papers

[1] Stock Market and the Demand for Labor Skill (with Yao Lu and Liu Yang)

[2] Can Investment Incentives Crowd Out Innovation? Evidence from China (with Shaowei Ke, Yao Lu, and Xinzheng Shi),under review.

[3] Margin Trading, Short Selling and Information Asymmetry: Theory and Evidence from China (with Minggang Xu and Xueyong Zhang),under review.

Honors, Awards, and Fellowship

Outstanding Graduate in Beijing, Beijing, 2021

Comprehensive Scholarship, Tsinghua University, 2020

WeijieOutstanding Paper Scholarship (Four times), Tsinghua University, 2017–2021

Doctoral Students’ Abroad Visiting Scholarship, Tsinghua University, 2019

National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of China, 2018

China Scholarship Council, Joint-Ph.D. Program Scholarship, 2018–2019

XiaolinshiChinaEconomic ResearchOutstanding Paper Scholarship, Tsinghua University,2017

Best Paper Award by Financial Management Forum, 2015

SelectedConference and Seminar Presentations

2022:China Fintech Research Conference (CFTRC), China Financial Research Conference (CFRC), Asian Finance (AsianFA) Annual Conference, The International Conference on Smart Finance (ICSF)

2021:China International Conference in Finance (CICF)

2020:China Finance Ph.D. Academic Forum

2019:Finance, Organizations, and Markets Conference (FOM),Finance Brownbag at the University of Michigan, American Finance Association (AFA)

2018:Thirteenth Annual Conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets (CAFM)

2017:China Finance Annual Meeting, China Young Economist Forum, China Finance Ph.D. Academic Forum

2016:China Finance Annual Meeting

2015:China Finance Annual Meeting,Asia–Pacific Economic and Financial Forum

2014:China Young Economist Forum