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LI Shanshan

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Li Shanshan

Associate Researcher

Ph.D Renmin University of China


DrLi Shanshan is Associate researcherof the Institute of Finance and Economics of Central University of Finance and Economics. She obtained her PhD in economics from Renmin University of China. Dr Li’s research intrests lie in urban green development, regional economic policy and planning. Dr Li is also the special researcher of Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences Beijing Financial and Economics Research Base, director of National Economic Geography Society, member of International Association of Regional Science and China Society of Urban Economics.


Urban agglomeration, regional economic policy and planning


Graduate courses: Regional Economics

International student course: Regional and Urban Economics, Selected Reading, Research Methods

Selected Achievement

Selected Papers:

1.Driving Factors of CO2 Emissions: Further Study Based on Machine Learning. Frontiers in Environmental Science(SCI),23 August 2021.

2. The Evolution and Transformation of Structural Governance in Beijing Urban Space, Research on The High-quality Beijing Urban Development [M], Dolphin Press, China International Publishing Group, June 2020.

3. The Impact of "Urban Disease" on the Loss of Urban Economic Benefits, Economic and Management Research, 2015 (3): 54-62.

4. The Construction of Urban Poverty Space Difference and Anti-Poverty Policy System in China, Discussion on Modern Economy, 2015 (3): 78-82.

Selected Projects:

1. Beijing Social Science Fund Research Base Project, 18JDLJB001,Urban multi-dimensional spatial structure optimization inBeijing urban governance, 2018/08-today.

2. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 72050001, Coordinated paths and modes of the high-quality development of urban agglomerations and industries in the Yellow River Basin, 2021/01-today.

3. National Natural Science Foundation of China Emergency Project, 71541029, China's strategic and policy research on poverty alleviation and development, 2016/09-2018/01.

4. General Project of National Foundation of Social Science, 18BGL273,The Evaluation research of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development, 2018/07-today.

5. Major projects of the National Social Science Foundation (10ZD & 023),Research on adjusting regional economic structure to promote the optimization of spatial structure of land development, 2010/10-2016/12.

6. Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development for Bazhou National Economic and Social Development, 2020/03-2021/11.

7. Research on the general thinking and path ofconstruction of high-end think tank in Xicheng District, 2018 / 09-2018 / 11.