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XU Yinshuo

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XU Yinshuo,PhD

  • Associate professor, Institute of Finance and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics, P.R.China

  • Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Germany


    Research Fields:

    Sustainable Finance

    Ecological Compensation/Payments for Ecosystem Services

    Global Environmental Protection Cooperation

    Education Background:

    Sep.2008-Sep.2012 PhD in Sustainable Finance, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

    Sep.2007-Jun.2009 M.A in Management, Central University of Finance and Economics,


    Sep.2003-Jun.2007 B.A in Management, Shandong University of Finance and Economics,China

    Work Experiences:

    May.2020-Apr.2021 Independent consultant, adelphi, Germany

    Mar.2019-Feb.2020 International Carbon International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) and adelphi, Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Germany

    Nov.2018- Associate professor, Institute of Finance and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics

    Oct.2012-Oct.2018 Assistant professor, Institute of Finance and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics

    Academic Activities and Awards:

    2019,International Climate Protection Fellowship Awarded by Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung(2019-2020)

    2014-2016 and 2019, attended COP 20, COP 21, COP 22 and COP 25 by UNFCCC

    2013,Emission Trading Scheme Training, hosted by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)and State Government of California

    2012,Developing national GHG Mitigation and Financing Low Carbon Paths in Asia Seminar, hosted by GIZ


    Book in English

    XU Yinshuo. Environmental risks, bank loan covenants and the cost of bank loans: an Australian study. Economic Science Press, 2015.5

    BookChapterin Chinese

    [1]XU Yinshuo, LIU Qian, WANG Yao. Green Finance for Eco-Compensation in China. Financing Mechanism and Policy for Eco-Compensation[M]. Beijing: China Finance & Economic Media Group. 2020. 4: 318-366.

    [2]XU Yinshuo.Green Finance for Eco-compensation in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei[M]. Annual Report on Beijing Financial and Economic Development(2019-2020). Beijng: Social Science Academic Press. 2019, 9: 314-329.

    [3] LIU Qian,XU Yinshuo, LUO Nan. Global Climate Financing System in Transition and China’s Response. Annual Report on Actions to Address Climate Change (2018): Gathering in Katowice[M]. 2018,11: 230-240.

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    [5]XUYinshuo, WU Tianran. Research on the low-carbon credit standards of banks in China[M]. Development and Future of Eco-Finance. 2014,11: 166-171.

    Peer Reviewed Paper

    [1]XU Yinshuo,XUETao. Green finance based value realization of ecological products in China[J]. Journal ofUniversity of Jinan(Social Science Edition). 2022(Accepted)

    [2]XU Yinshuo, LIU Qian. Status Quo and Prospect of the Global Climate Adaptation Finance[J]. Journal of Central University of Finance & Economics. 2018,8:25-36.

    [3]XUYinshuo, LIU Qian, COTTER Julie. The impacts of environmental risks on bank loan covenants and the cost of bank loans: an Australian case study and the implications for China[C]. Da Nang, Vietnam: 2018 International Conference on E-Business and Applications—ICEBA,2018, 2: 36-40.

    [4]XUYinshuo, DONG Ziyuan, WANG Yao. Establishing a measurement, reporting, and verification system for climate finance in post-Paris agreement period [J]. Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Environment. 2016, 26(12): 22-30.

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    [7]XU Yinshuo, SLAUGHTER Geoff, AL-HAKIM Latif. Information flow perspective for capturing the impact of corporate environmental performance on the cost of debt[C]. Beijing, China: The Fourth International Conference on Cooperation and Promotion of Information Resources in Science and Technology (COINFO), 2009, 11: 204-209.

    Main Research Projects:

    [1] Environmental risk management of banks’ credit business in China (2015-2017), Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry.(Project leader)

    [2] Payments for ecosystem services mechanism that supports the synergetic development of ecological protection in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region (2016-2018), Research Base Project of Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Foundation.(Project leader)

    [3] Evaluation guidelines for the effectiveness of carbon emission management system (2016-2017 ) , Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform(Project leader)

    [4] Green finance policy and pilot study on eco-compensation (2016-2020), National Key R&D Plan(Key participant)

    [5] Financing Climate Change: strategy, mechanism and policy framework (2013-2015), CDM Fund, Ministry of Finance (Main participant)

    [6] Research on low - carbon credit standard in banking industry(2013-2015),Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform (Key participant)

    [7] Research on GD ETS primary market and carbon finance- Guangdong Commission of Development and Reform, (2013-2014), Energy Foundation (Main participant)